• A week or so ago a young girl called Matilda Jones was paddling on the edge of a lake on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall when she found a four-foot long sword in the shallows. Unusual in any lake at any time, you might think. But this was no ordinary lake, this was Dozmary Pool, where legend has it the Lady of the Lake raised her arm above the mirror of the water to receive Excalibur from the fatally wounded King Arthur.  

FOOD FIGHT!! In Defense of Food, Sustainability and Old World Tradition

  • A perfect storm of sweet, savory, nutty, pungent, salty, all combined in an unassuming little piece of cheese. Gruyere is a PDO cheese from Switzerland. 

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • England’s Lake District is a magnificent landscape. Sharp edged mountains glower over fairy-tale dales and heather clad fells. It has enthralled some of the country’s greatest poets, painters and writers for centuries.The dales are dotted with neat, stone farmsteads placed on a graph of pristine dry-stone walls enclosing small home pastures.

    They contain a unique community of shepherding and hill farming folk. The fells and mountainsides above provide grazing for their traditional flocks of smoky grey Herdwick sheep. Beatrix Potter is the writer most associated with this special heritage so when Bohemian Mojo travelled to the Lake District a visit to her home at Hill Top seemed more than appropriate.