The BohemianMojo Magic

What is Bohemian Mojo?

Bohemian Mojo is what you feel when you shift your perspective from the conventional, and typically one-dimensional, underpinnings of the modern world to the technicolor, multi layered, wonderment found outside the lines of convention. 

We are on a mission...

At Bohemian Mojo we're on a mission to generate positive, deliberate, and creative movements toward "good" living. We're using our mojo to inspire a re-embracing of some of the best things of old world tradition, artistry and craftsmanship and using them to enhance and inform modern day endeavors.  

We're interesting in encouraging institution of sustainable practices in exciting and interesting ways; and activities that bring us back to a love of the land, community, and our humanity encouraging sustainability and life enhancing artistry and tradition.

People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors. ~E. Burke

Bohemian Mojo Project is committed:

to the well-being of the planet and all its inhabitants. We promote the values of good living, good food, and good community through sustainable practices; reclaiming the essence of old world tradition and bringing it into our 21st century endeavors. 

to inspiring, informing and stimulating change through a variety of educational venues; adventure travel, retreats, workshops/classes, documentaries, short films, and educational videos, writing and research.We work collectively and individually to generate deep learning, transformation, and change.  

to having important conversations and getting down to the nitty gritty of generating positive change. We're not shy about speaking out and identifying the damaging aspects of culture, we're also committed to identifying solutions. 


Our Vision...

metalwork2 DSK
Our vision is to inspire change by reconnecting with traditional and more ethical ways of living and producing; to reclaim simplicity, holism, and embodied artistry. 

Core Values...

We are advocating the values of sustainability and resilience through cultivating a respect and an honoring of old world traditions and ideals…the slower world, the kinder ways of connection and reconnection in craft, food production, and artisan living. As MojoMakers we are doing our best to use our superpowers for good and to rebel against the dangers of automation, mass production, and industrialization of our food sources, our art, our craft and ultimately our humanity. We stand for adventure, cameraderie, unity, and a reconnection to the simple and the sacred. 


Who are the MojoMakers...

Inspired friends and colleagues from different walks of life who share a vision of change and a passion for adventure, cameraderie, unity, community, sustainability, laughter, love, good food, and good fun.

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