Fred Gillam is indeed a natural wizard of the landscape. His wisdom and knowledge is amazing and his passion to share what he knows is truly inspiring. Not to mention he's just an all around great guy with a warm and vibrant personality. Definitely a Mojo Majic Maker! 

Everything happens for a reason, right? We found Fred beecause our other forager fell through and let me tell you, it was indeed a blessing. We had the best day in a variety of environments, learning a multitude of inspiring things, and wound it all up with a fabulous dinner including the items we had foraged. 

If you want to know more about Fred the Forager, you can check out his website: The Wild Side of Life! 

Stay tuned for more adventures with Fred the Forager, because I think Bohemian Mojo has decided he's our go to guy for hunting and gathering and all things wild and foodie. Better yet, keep your eyes open for our next destination retreat, it will most assuredly include a day of foraging and feasting. 

Until then, three cheers for Fred the Forager!!