Following the reader interest in our four part series - King Arthur: Busting the Myths - we’ve decided to follow up with regular articles sharing our insights into some of the fascinating prehistory of the British Isles. We are going to look at subjects as diverse as the provenance of some superb Roman helmets and the astonishing story of a schoolteacher linked to a 9000 year old skeleton found in a cave. On the way we’ll do another four part series, this time with some revealing truths about the Druids, and we’ll also tell you about the real King of Stonehenge. 

    We're starting out with the amazing story of… THE GOLDEN GHOST

FOOD FIGHT!! In Defense of Food, Sustainability and Old World Tradition

  • A perfect storm of sweet, savory, nutty, pungent, salty, all combined in an unassuming little piece of cheese. Gruyere is a PDO cheese from Switzerland. 

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • Bohemianmojo has been excited by research news from Duke University, North Carolina where a team led by Jennifer Groh have established that our eardrums coordinate with the direction our eyes are looking. Not earthshattering quantum stuff perhaps but confirmation, if confirmation were needed, that humans evolved as predators. Canine teeth and forward facing eyes already mark mankind out in that bracket.